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Miss Bec has danced since the age of 2, extensively training in all genres. She has found her passion in Hip Hop and aims to inspire her students to challenge themselves as she believes by challenging yourself, you can achieve bigger and better. Miss Bec has worked with many different professionals in the hip hop industry, such as Brooke Napalan, Jasmine Vo, Jacob Yarr, and Jet Valencia. She has trained with Street Beatz Hip Hop in street and locking, and started her teaching career at All That Jazz in 2017. 


Since 2023, Miss Bec has been training and performing as a main dancer in the back to back National Hip Hop Champions, Kookies N Kream Megacrew, currently standing Top 10 in the world. She has an extensive knowledge around the culture and history of Hip Hop, and has formed her teaching career based around her extensive experience and knowledge.


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